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Floors and countertops form an integral part of any home. One of the best materials for this purpose is concrete. There are several benefits that you get by installing concrete flooring and countertop. This guiding principle is to get a contractor who has a proven track record in working in these projects. For people who live in this area, Keystone Custom Concrete Pros & Concrete Repair Services is the best brand. Here are some of the products that you can access from these professionals. We are your Keystone Custom Concrete FL experts.

Polished concrete

Polished concrete is among the leading designs for finishing concrete surfaces. It takes a lot of time to polish concrete but you can be sure you will love the outcome of the process.

Stained concrete

Staining will give your concrete any colour that you wish. It eliminates that believe that concrete is a dull surfacing material.

Sealed concrete

Those people who understand the importance of sealed concrete cannot overlook this critical step. You get a high return for your investment because your concrete will last for long and it increases the value for your home.

Stamped concrete

Stamped concrete is a textured finish that comes in various patterns and colours. The design and shade that you choose depends on your personal preferences.

Concrete overlay

Overlays add a great layer to your concrete floor or countertops. It makes the surface more durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Decorative concrete flooring

One of the best approaches to concrete surfacing is decorative concrete flooring. The approach allows you to create beautiful designs that take your concrete surfaces to the next level. The best contractor will give you unique designs for your decorative concrete.

Metallic epoxy

One of the most beautiful concrete designs in the market is metallic epoxy. It generates excellent finishes that has a shiny look.

Concrete countertops

You cannot avoid having countertops in your home.  There are various materials for building countertops but concrete remains to be the best. This material is highly versatile and hence you can use it to build the best countertop designs.

Concrete sinks

Concrete is among the top materials for building sinks. You can use it to produce any colour or shape of the sink. The way you finish your sinks will make it waterproof hence making it non-porous.

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Concrete summer kitchens

It is a good idea to have concrete summer kitchen in your home. The kitchens are durable and can withstand any harsh weather conditions.

Concrete kitchen tables

Concrete kitchen tables are among the trending designs in the market. These tables cannot catch fire and will serve you for the longest period of time without any signs of deterioration.

Concrete conference tables

In case you have a conference facility, one of the best materials for making conference tables is concrete. You can get very beautiful designs for concrete conference tables as long as you have the best designer on board.

Concrete driveways

Concrete is the best material for making driveways because it is strong and can withstand any amount of traffic from human beings and automotive. Maintenance of these driveways is also easy hence making it an excellent option for almost all properties.


Keystone Custom Concrete FL
Keystone Custom Concrete FL

Patio resurfacing

The patio plays a critical role in any home and the best way to finish the surface is through resurfacing.

Concrete retaining walls

Concrete ranks top when it comes to building retaining walls because of the inherent features of the material.

Waterfalls and/or pool water falls

Water falls are a common addition in hotels, luxury homes, resorts, etc. These features bring an aesthetic appeal and great environment for your home.

Pool spill over bowl

Most homes have pool spill over bowls and searching the market well will help you to develop the best designs.

Concrete fire pits

When you want to build fire pits, the best material to use in your project is concrete. You can mold it into any shape to achieve the much-desired shape and look.

Epoxy Floor Systems

Epoxy floor systems are excellent additions to both residential and commercial premises. All you need is a highly qualified professional to help you in making these installations.

Concrete Pool Decks

The best material for building decks in your home is concrete. It produces beautiful styles that make it an excellent addition to any environment.

Pool Deck Resurfacing (this is the concrete walk area of the pool, not the inside of the pool)

Custom Staining

With custom stains, you will give your concrete surfaces the desired look. Custom staining gives the surfaces any colour depending on your personal preferences.

Acid Stained Concrete

Acid staining introduces a new element of colour to the concrete surfaces that most people believe to be dull by nature.

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