Custom Staining

When all aspects of the design of the room harmonize with one another, the effect on unity and cohesiveness. In these cases, creating custom staining designs that are functional involves the addition of embellishments and accents to several elements. When the installation of architectural domes is done on the foyers, libraries, stairwells, expansive master baths, or pool areas, there are several ways of making them seem elegant or give them a connection to the remaining décor.

If any of the elements above or others will be utilized together with stained decks and domes, it is good to decide before crafting or installing the stained dome or deck. In that way, determinations of proper color, material, size, and finish for complimentary elements will be made as part and parcel of the ordering process of the glass dome.

There is nothing else that can be compared to sitting on the deck during the summer to enjoy the weather. A deck is among home features that can give you the best service in the home. From family parties, BBQs, and just spending your evening relaxing on the deck, there is no shortage of methods of spending quality time on the decks.

However, as the deck edges, the color will fade eventually as the stains wear and wood experience sun exposure. Just like other things in the home, it means that with time, it will require minimum TLC to keep the best looks. This will be accomplished through custom staining.

What is 7+10?

A lot of people think that custom staining the deck is a task for professional, but you need to know that it is a task you can handle. Homeowners can do this minus the help of professionals. All you have to do is learning to stain the deck and it is very easy. In case you can paint, then you can stain the deck.

Why should you stain the deck?

Custom staining the deck has a lot of benefits. They include great looks, helping with protecting the wood, getting a lot of years from the deck, and protecting the deck against damage from moisture.


How to custom stain the deck

The procedure if custom staining the deck can be accomplished in the steps below:

Assess the present condition

Each surface of the wood is unique. The condition of the deck depends on several factors like the wood used, the age of the deck, exposure to elements, and wear and tear, just to name a few.

Custom Staining

Preparation of the deck

The process of preparing the deck for custom staining involves stripping it of grime, dirt, and old stains to ready it for absorption of novel deck stains. Avoid the use of regular soap because it will leave a residue. Utilize wood cleaners if the deck is newer and make use of a bright brightener if you have an older deck with a faded look.

Select the right stain

Pay the local paint company a visit and ask them about the best custom staining paint that makes senses for your deck. It is crucial about the finish type you desire. It will help in finding the right stain and achieve desired results.

Do the staining

Before beginning doing the whole deck, it is crucial to apply custom staining to small sections of the deck to test it. In case you like what you are seeing, you can continue staining the remaining deck. Make sure that you are applying the stain to dry and clean wood only. Utilize high-quality brushes and give it twenty-four hours to dry.


These are the necessary steps you need to do custom staining to your decks as they will make sure that it is looking new again. When you do this in the right manner after a few years, it will help in maximizing the lifespan of the deck and you will get maximum enjoyment from it. To get the right staining for your deck, visit as it is a one-stop-shop for all your staining requirements.

Custom Staining
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