Stamped Concrete

Tampa Concrete Flooring & Countertops, Polished concrete, Stained concrete, Epoxy Floor, Sealed concrete, Stamped concrete, Concrete overlay23

Things to Know About Stamped Concrete

Tampa Concrete Flooring & Countertops, Polished concrete, Stained concrete, Epoxy Floor, Sealed concrete, Stamped concrete, Concrete overlay23


Stamped concrete is a process used in making normal concrete to appear like something else. Some applications that can be mimicked by use of this concrete are slate, brick, tile, and wood. The main reason as to why people use this process is for them to take advantage of concrete strength while providing a unique look. The whole look of the process will make your driveway, sidewalk, and other areas to look high end and make it outstanding from other exteriors of the home.

The actual process of stamping is what will make cement to seem like it is not. This is to mean that until you finish the installation, the concrete will be poured and formed just like a normal job. Stamping will also dictate the surface type to resemble.


The installer will plan the color and design pattern with you for everything to match the exterior of the home. You will incorporate this concrete with brick, stone, and other surfaces to give the outdoor are a unique look. The other populous application for this work is pieces of landscaping and fountains. Making your outsides look the best will increase the home’s value and set the house distant from the rest.

The other common place you can get stamped concrete is the courtyard. This may be at the home or commercial locations. It is good to utilize stamped cement in commercial areas in the place of weaker bases or stone because it will last for long and wear slowly. Possessing looks of a soft and a more elegant thing while keeping durability and hardness is what inspires that process of stamping.


Any homestead can install stamped concrete around the patio, pool, driveways and walkways, and any other areas that require concrete. Even the addition of designs to break the concrete monotony is good for the exterior of the home, especially when you want to increase the appeal of the home.

You need to start by calling the concrete contractor and make an inquiry about stamping cement in the home. You will get an estimate and the task will be accomplished by an experienced professional who knows exactly how to do this process.


It is easy to maintain structures of stamped concrete in the home. There are several methods you can use conveniently and easily. It is recommended to seal the surface with special sealers that are heat and water resistant and durable. Protective materials allow for quick and easy maintenance and cleaning of this concrete. Different sealers have diverse composition. Sealers are usually made of solid materials and are solvent based. They protect the covered surface from the growth of fungi and are resistant to dust and dirt. In case you find it hard to maintain these surfaces, there are other cleaning methods that are also helpful.

A lot of damage done to stamped concrete occurs during rainy seasons as they bring a lot of dirt and dust which falls on outdoor surfaces. If the utilized sealer is efficient, no damage has to be incurred and the surface has to remain clean. In case blotches are seen on concrete after the rain, it is a good sign of the sealer’s performance. You can easily remove blotches with ease by cleaning the surface water and then dry it with a blower or cloth.


It is time-consuming and effortless. And there you have it, all patches go. It is crucial for water to be removed adequately from stamped concrete so as to avoid blotches. A fine solution is growing plants around concrete floors as they will be absorbing water on and near them. Also, a lot of people utilize mats manufactured from rubber. Remember that rubber can get absorbed by the sealer of stamped concrete, leaving the surface with undesired patches.

Just make sure that you reseal this concrete after some time. The sealer slowly wears out and loses qualities of insulation regardless of regular and adequate maintenance. The best option is resealing concrete structures after every six months. This will protect floors against dirt and dust and you will not be dealing with unpleasant matches. The cycle of resealing is dependent on diverse factors. The insulation material gets affected by rain, sunlight, and weight of objects on concrete structures. Therefore, you need to calculate the number of months you need for a reseal. A great exposure to dust, rain, and water means resealing the concrete soon.


If you are not attentive to the process of resealing, it will start losing the qualities of functionality. The color will fade. Nevertheless, if you reseal stamped concrete after losing the initial color, you will get a floor that is brilliant again. If something is spilled by accident on the concrete floor, there is no need of getting worried. You just need to wash it with a detergent and allow it to dry. You can also visit to know the ease of maintaining this concrete. They will keep looking shiner and brighter.

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