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Things to Know Before Employing a Concrete Overlay Contractor

In case you have looked outside the window at the dark, cracked, and stained driveway and sworn to replace them one day, this article is the best for you. You may also visit to get the right advice and expertise for your project. Many people always think that the solution for damaged concrete is removal and replacement. It is crucial to know that there is an option of the decorative concrete overlay.

These overlays come in a lot of fashions and forms and have diverse terminologies depending on the contractor. It may also be called concrete resurfacing, decorative concrete, concrete coatings, all of which refer to the same thing. The diverse applications which can undergo installation have a wide range that includes splatter textures, stamped overlays, slate textures, urethane coatings, and micro-topping. Each application has its pros and special aspects of the project. For instance, you would not want to repair the driveway with the epoxy coating as a result of its lack of stability and nature. However, the stamped overlay or splatter texture will serve this purpose well.

It is upon the consumer to decide on the damage type he is trying to remedy, the budget they have for the project, and the look they desire to achieve. The slate trowel texture or splatter texture is an application that is budget friendly. These coating types are very thin, therefore, utilizing less material, but when it comes to strength, in most cases, they exceed the compressive force of the concrete undercoating.

The stamped concrete overlay can achieve a close look at natural stone or pavers, but they always come at a price which is usually double the previously mentioned. There are several colorization methods on these applications. Modified cement products possess integrally added color or can undergo staining after application by use of various techniques of staining.

Regardless of the coating or concrete overlay type you choose for installation, the most crucial aspect is the phase of preparation. These products have hybrid polymers with a strong bond when applied to a prepared substrate. It means that the surface has to be cleaned well and washed with pressure. Additionally, surface grinding and acid etch has to be performed depending on the specifications of the manufacturer and the used product. This critical process opens concrete pores which allow the overlay to grab hold and seep. If the previous coating is not eliminated or process negated before application, the overlay will continuously fail.

Unfortunately, in the business of concrete overlay, there are a lot of firms and individuals that claim to do these installations. Many of them do not have training and proper techniques; meaning they do not have licenses. This is common when a professional goes to a residence that he has to fix the mistakes of another installer. It is sad to note that it is not a mistake but a matter of not having an interest in doing the job right or not just having the required equipment for the task.

Being a consumer with education may assist you to choose right when getting bids for the job. Ask the contractor on how he plans to prepare the surface and the equipment type he has to do the task. Also, find out the product he will have to use for the job. It is crucial to ask for insurance liability, business license number, and any other paperwork.

The decorative concrete overlay is a means that is cost-effective for beautifying your damaged concrete. The textures and designs achieved can transform your ordinary content into a very beautiful floor. If you desire a brand new look at a reasonable price, this overlay will just be your right fit. Look for the right contractor and become a consumer that is educated.

Even though the concrete overlay, like cement stamping, is used in repairing imperfections in the flooring. The used technique is different in several ways. Thin overlays are placed on concrete flooring that gives a polished and elegant look. The best thing about the overlay is that the floor becomes more durable as compared to ordinary concrete. This overlay allows the floor to withstand more pressure than other concrete floors.

Concrete overlays are good when the existent floors are bad. These overlays come in diverse designs and colors that will make it easy for homeowners to select an option that complements the house. Although both overlays and stamps can be utilized to improve aesthetics of the floor, these overlays require more maintenance and planning than stamped overlays.

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