Metallic Epoxy

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What is the purpose of metallic epoxy?

Tampa Concrete Flooring & Countertops, Polished concrete, Stained concrete, Epoxy Floor, Sealed concrete, Stamped concrete, Concrete overlay40


For surfaces which require a highly durable, strong finish, a metallic epoxy coating is applied. The common uses of this finish type include residential or commercial garages, in groceries, factories, and other areas with high traffic amounts. It may also be used for other flooring applications like terrazzo or colored concrete. These coatings are applied during the construction of the building and are also used in marine industry for coating on decks and hulls. You may also use it in the food industry to create metallic containers which do not degrade or rust, which may compromise the product. There are a lot of uses for this coating.

Applying metallic epoxy paint is the way you create the coating. This paint type is made by use of epoxy-based resins and may be classified as the thermosetting epoxide polymer. Exteriors that receive this coating are resistant to ultra-violet light, heat, and corrosive chemicals. It may also adhere to various services like metals, glass, and fibers.


Added to the paint, there is a powder coating that needs the coating that has to undergo curing by use of high temperatures. You may apply this epoxy to appliances like the dryer or washer. You may also apply it to steel pipes to help in preventing corrosion. These powder coatings have diverse applications and provide similar durable, strong finishes like metallic epoxy paints.

When you are working with the epoxy, there are two main chemicals that may be involved. They are the polyoxide and the hardening agent. You may think of the hardening agent as the antagonist because it causes the process of polymerization, which links materials and allows for a strong bond to be formed. Therefore, to start with the creation of the coating, these chemicals have to be mixed. After mixing, the chemicals will start reacting with each other and then become stiff.


After the application and mixing of the coating, it will require curing. This may vary in terms of minutes, hours, and days. In this process, the durable, strong, and resistant layer will form. This layer strongly adheres to the surface that it was applied to. You can create this bond because the epoxy seeps in the surface pore it was applied to. After seeping into the pores, hardening will start taking place. The solid forms; making two surfaces which are quite impossible to separate.

The metallic epoxy coating may be applied to many types of surfaces to create durable, strong bonds. Whether this paint or powder is used, the end results will last for long with the ability to hold high traffic.


Basic elements of the epoxy may be derived from petroleum products like bisphenol-A, giving this substance bonding effects. The other element is epichlorohydrin that is helpful in providing hard layers that are resistant to moisture, humidity, and varying temperatures. Qualities of the coating like strong bonding make the epoxy ideal for metals which undergo great stress amounts.

Some instances of these applications may be the metal plating on ships and hulls for airplanes. The versatility of metallic epoxies makes it be used in constructing wooden furniture. In such an application, the epoxy has the ability to secure frame sections and act as a protection layer when used to varnish finished products. Varnishing by use of epoxy gives the product attractive finishes and has the ability to preserve looks for many years.


You may also use the epoxy in the repair of household products that are malfunctioning. For instance, if the table leg is wobbling, you can utilize the epoxy to secure the joint. It is acting like a hardener which creates a strong joint and gives it the durability that endures many stress forms it may experience. Other metallic epoxy applications can be in repairs of picture frames, broken locks, and components that have fallen from a device.

The metallic epoxy may serve as a substitute to many other glue forms that you may be used in the repair of your stuff in the household because it has the ability to provide very strong bonds. The epoxy is marketed for use at home and is differently formulated from those which are marketed for commercial use. They possess a strength variation because industrial components would just require a strong formula so as to keep the components together. However, home epoxies utilize still and strong formula to keep the stuff together and you can also visit to get more assistance.

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